Sawtooth Studios Newcastle

We'll help you get your music heard and seen

Premier Recording Studio & Media Studio in Newcastle

"Sawtooth studios makes it really easy for musicians
to promote themselves across all platforms"

sharing a building with BURST media studios
means Sawtooth Studios can take care of
each step that musicians need to take
to promote their music. 

to promote your music, sawtooth studios offers:

1. Organisation of affordable CD packaging
2. original artwork for your ep / album
3.Music Video Production - from conceptual film clips
to simple & smart Youtube / Vimeo clips.
scroll down now to watch one of our clips!
4. Live Photography
5. Promotional Photography - for social media use as well as print (posters, flyers etc) 
6.Graphic Design - for online/social media assets as well as print (posters, flyers etc)

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